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About the Singer

Kat Rivers is a singer-songwriter based in Philadelphia, known for her soulful, story-driven pop/rock anthems with an occasional southern flair. Sought after in the live music scene for her punchy vocals, high riffs, and relatable, kicked-back vibe, her songs are well-loved for their ear-catching harmonies and lyrics with tenderness and spunk.


Coming from a musical family in Kentucky, she began singing when she was young. She received her BFA in musical theatre from Northern Kentucky University, and went on to work professionally in regional theater. She has studied voice for over ten years, which allows her to tackle many styles with ease. 

Kat has been working primarily as a musician since 2019, singing for weddings, private events, senior residences, and bars and restaurants. From jazz standards to classic rock to show tunes, Kat is sure to have something in her wheelhouse for everyone. You can find her playing solo or duo acoustic events, or singing as the female vocalist in the wedding band CTO Grand Central. 

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